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Next week hundreds will gather for SALT Nashville - a Creative Arts Conference designed to equip and inspire those in the visual worship community. As explained on their conference website, “SALT is the conversation at the intersection of creativity, technology, art, media, and the local church”.    

This year, one of the platform speakers is Floodgate Productions’ Founder, Gary Molander. Gary is the author of PURSUING CHRIST. CREATING ART:  Exploring Life at the Intersection of Faith and Creativity and was a pastor for 17 years.

Gary, among other speakers, will be speaking from the theme of uniqueness. “Our churches are dying for creative people who will stop copying and comparing, but rather to intentionally embrace the beauty and wonder of their own uniqueness", says Gary.

Other speakers at the conference will include Erwin Raphael McManus of Mosaic Church and Blaine Hogan of Willow Creek Community Church.  Worship at Salt will be lead by Mia Fieldes, Henry Seeley, and Sarah Reeves.

“...salt (is) more of an enhancer than a flavoring agent... Salt chemically enhances the flavor of whatever it’s added to rather than trying to add something that isn’t there in the first place. The same is true with visual worship", says Luke McElroy, the founder and visionary behind the conference.

“Visual worship isn’t a marketing gimmick, neither is technology, art, media or environment. It’s salt. And the role it plays in our worship gatherings is to tell a story that enhances rather than trying to add something that wasn’t a part of the original story. Our Gospel doesn’t need flavoring. We just need to share it in a manner where the true essence of it can be explored and engaged.” 

 Highlights from the 2013 conference:

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