Every now and again, we come across some third-party resources that we think are amazing. We also think that pastors, media people, and creative folks will greatly benefit from grabbing ahold of them. For something to become a resource on this page, two things need to happen:

 * One of the Floodgate owners (Gary or Dave) needs to know the person who wrote/envisioned the resource.
 * One of the Floodgate owners (Gary or Dave) needs to have read/used the product being endorsed.


You'll be taken to a third-party website, and invited to purchase there. Floodgate Productions is not responsible for customer service, shipping, etc. for any of these resources. Additionally, these are not included in any Floodgate Subscription Plan or Discount Program.


OUTSPOKEN (edited by Tim Scraeder)

Drawing on the wisdom and insight from over 60 leading experts in various fields of church communication, this book provides a comprehensive resource for church leaders sharing how the church can leverage new media to effectively connect people with the gospel. From branding and design, to websites and social media, there are endless ways your church can cut through the static and help the message of the gospel be heard clearly. We’ve got a message worth sharing. It’s time we learn how to communicate and communicate it well.


A Guidebook for Visual Worship is a training resource designed to cast vision to & equip media/tech directors, creative team leaders, worship pastors & volunteers. It’s designed not only for the one person who does everything but for team environments as well. Use this tool to start the Visual Worship conversation at your church, to set a standard for vision and purpose, and to introduce a fresh language and approach for your tech and creative worship ministries.

UNTITLED (by Blaine Hogan)

After 12 years as a professional actor and now as a creative director at Willow Creek Community Church, UNTITLED collects Blaine Hogan's thoughts and candid reflections on the creative process from years of daily notes.

A CREATIVE THEOLOGY (by Sam Mahlstadt)  

Foundational to the book is a belief that there is something deeply theological about creativity. If we explore the relational force of creativity and the Creator, we will uncover something both fascinating and life-changing - This is a creative theology


This book is written for people who are living in the intersection of the Christian faith, and the creation of art. By their nature, artists look at a life of faith differently, and that unique journey warrants an exploration of what it means to be a Christ-follower and an artist. The book intentionally veers away from tips and techniques and formulas, while concentrating on the journey, the mystery, and the heart.