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As I look back over my life, there have been many factors that have helped shape it, both good and bad. But the one positive shaping influence in my life can be traced back to the variety of invitations I've been given in church. Invitations to know Christ, to worship Him, to take the next step, to sign up for a class, to pray, and to take risks all started when a pastor insipired me, and when I accepted that invitation. Creating invitational moments comes naturally to most pastors. 



Our creative team has created a short video with that in mind. We kept it general enough to be big, but specific enough to be intimate. It's called ALL ARE INVITEDand we think the possibilities are endless.


AS A SERVICE-STARTER - This plays beautifully as something that launches your services. It sets the tone of welcome and invitation, while never assuming that every person is at the same mile-marker on their spiritual journey.


AS A WORSHIP STARTER - When a worship pastor wishes to provide a culture of invitation with a song or set of songs, this video will work great as a lead-in, both in content and inspirational quality. 


AS A COMMUNION LEAD-IN - Pastors are always looking to make communion (The Lord's Supper) more impactful, and not routine. This video will help create a special moment before people receive the bread and the cup.


AS A GOSPEL INVITATION LEAD-IN - Push play on this video just before you explain the Gospel to those who are seeking Jesus, but haven't yet chosen to follow Him.


AS A "TAKE THE NEXT STEP" TEE-UP - So many churches are beautifully and simply encouraging their people to "take the next step", regardless of their spiritual maturity. This video will work wonderfully just before that exhortation.


Thank you for following your high calling. We pray that this serves you in some way that only God, together with your uniqueness, can define.

Gary Molander

Co-Founder Floodgate Productions

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Gary Molander

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