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As I’ve watched big leaders throughout the years, it seems like they consistently do three things that better allow God to write His story through them. This is not a formula, butsimply three observations I’ve seen from great leaders.



Big leaders build things. They build programs, business solutions, and church and non-profit structures. They build themselves professionally and personally.

They’ve learned the difference between building and tweaking. At the heart of building, they’re bringing a new (or borrowed) idea into an existence that can live and breathe in their unique organizational model. Tweaking fixes things. Building creates them. People are not inspired with tweaking. But they are inspired with building.

The young leader in his/her early 30′s builds things naturally. When I was a young leader, that’s all I wanted to do – build things.



Big leaders intentionally throw into their weekly routines the act of LOVING. While building comes naturally to many leaders, loving does not.

If you ask the people who serve around Big Leaders, they’ll tell you (in one way or another) that they feel loved. And the cream-of-the-crop leaders are mastering the ability to communicate love NOT only for what their Team members bring to the organization, but for WHO they are as humans. God loves. Period. Big Leaders are learning to love with no strings attached.



The third thing Big Leaders do is COMMUNICATE. Almost everyone I know thinks they’re a clear and accurate communicator. But just because it makes sense in their own mind doesn’t mean it makes sense in everyone else’s. How many times have you been around a leader and thought, “The other half of the story must have happened in his head”?

Big Leaders have learned to clearly express the day-to-day expectations of the people around them. Or they’ve hired someone who can decipher, then dispense.



All three of these tasks do not come naturally for anyone. We all lean toward one or two, but the intentional implementation of all three is extremely important for everyone. Because…

If you don’t build, they won’t feel inspired.

If you don’t love, they won’t feel anchored.

If you don’t communicate, they won’t feel valued.

The Grand Story that God is writing happens so much better when Big People do those three things: Build, Love, and Communicate.

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