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If you’re offering a Christmas Eve service for your community, I’ve got a quick thought as you finalize the planning. 

People are stepping out of the crazy and the chaotic, finding a comfortable spot in your church building, and gasping for breath. I promise that the good people in your church are most definitely not ready to gaze upon the newborn King as they collapse into their seats. Rather, they are desperate for someone to refocus their skewed vision, whether they can verbalize that or not. They need someone on the platform to offer them something no one else will offer them on this evening.

 A chance to breathe.

 Throughout the years, whether I’m leading worship, preaching, or giving a welcome or announcements, I’ve tried really hard to say something that leads busy and unfocused people into a prayer by offering them this gift. Roughly, it sounds like this…

 “I know it’s crazy for you. Whoever told us that Christmas needs to be this chaotic, right? But in the next few moments, I want to give you the chance to do what no one else will offer you tonight - I want to give you the opportunity to breathe.”

 With their eyes closed, you can then encourage them to breathe deeply. Physically. Do it two or three times, then launch straight into a prayer that both acknowledges our distractions, and invites Jesus to meet us and refocus us. Let that prayer become the prayer of THEIR heart. Just verbalize it for them. 

 A prayer like that can become a bridge to the newborn King.

 I’d also encourage you to play this video coming directly out of the prayer. You say “Amen”, and the video rolls. Trust me - it’ll work. 

Jesus always meets us where we’re at. And the greatest gift we can give our congregation is to do the same.

Our Team is praying for your Team, because your Team is changing the world. We really believe that.

Merry Christmas Eve.

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Gary Molander

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