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If there's one word that's associated with Easter, it's the word HOPE. You can probably think of other words that describe the Easter event, but HOPE is that word that people feel as they enter your worship spaces every Easter. They hope for hope. 


So how can you launch your services with a message of hope, but more importantly - How can you program your Easter services to launch so that people FEEL the hope of the resurrection? 


Each of these three strategies involves the creative use of video, married together with seamless transitions that don't distract people with unnecessary elements. We know it's the last minute, and we also know the power of inspiring video.

1. LAUNCH WITH AN EASTER SERVICE-STARTER. This is really simple and easy to add into your services. Play a 90-second (or less) video that feels hopeful and up, then move directly into your opening song. We caution against moving directly into a Welcome or Announcements after this video. Those important elements will happen, but later. Remember, the first five minutes isn't about verbal communication. It's about allowing people to taste real Life. 

We believe so much in this strategy that we've created two videos designed to accomplish exactly what we've highlighted above. Check out Alive Again (new for 2017) and This is Easter (new for 2016). 


2. LAUNCH WITH A COUNTDOWN AND A MINI-MOVIE. Ask your band to play instrumentally under a 5-minute Countdown, or simply play well-chosen recorded music that fits the vibe of your congregation. Make sure the music feels up and inspiring. After the Countdown is finished, move directly into a mini-movie that's hopeful, or even one that talks about the hope of the resurrection specifically. We love this strategy because it speaks directly to first-timers and non-regular attenders (who are always on time), while allowing those always-late blessed souls to fill the seats, without asking your band to prepare a throw-away song.

Our suggestion for this strategy is to use our Skyfall Countdown, paired together with our Hope Is Here mini-movie.


3. BEGIN WITH A NEW BEGINNING. Is there any more hopeful feeling than for us to feel like we can somehow experience a new beginning, or a fresh start? That concept is so powerful, and the Gospel itself involves new beginnings all the time. A simple strategy would be to open with a song (worship or feature song), then move directly into a mini-movie that invites people into a fresh start. You don't need to preach into or out of this. Let it stand alone. After the mini-movie, there's a perfect moment for people to be welcomed by a church staff or representative, and you can do that in the best way that fits your church. But please don't give announcements just yet. You've worked hard to establish a feeling of hope, and the only people that feel hopeful about the announcements are other staff and ministry leaders who want to boost their programs. Announcements will happen later, but not now.

Our suggestion here is to use a mini-movie like Begin Again.


The service programming elements you use to launch your Easter services matter. The really do. And if people are attending with the hope of feeling hopeful, then why not meet them where they're at, then take them on the journey that you've been planning for months?

As always, our Team is praying for your Team.

The Floodgate Productions Creative Team

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