10/15/14 2:44 PM

Some of the most impacting moments we experience involve watching people get baptized. And creating videos after the baptism event can be a huge thing in the life of a congregation.

With that in mind, here's a recent baptism video we created for a sports ministry. The baptisms happened at 9:00pm, and we showed the video the following morning to conclude a conference. So the color isn’t as balanced as we would like, but it was a crash edit, and we stayed up all night to get it done.




* We shot these at 60 fps, then slowed them by 70% in post. Look at the clarity of the water drop movement, and you’ll see what I mean.

* We rented a Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 lens, which works great in low light.

* We timed the hits of the song with the key points in the baptism. When the song blows up, the people start coming OUT of the water.

* And speaking of the song, it’s a really great song that everyone knows.

* We included Scripture in the middle. To me, it’s extremely important to root our current story in the Grand Story of God.

* We split the shots of people going into the water, with the shots of people coming up out of the water.

* We included a setting shot at the beginning.

I hope this inspires you and your teams. The crowd applauded (in the live space) once they saw the people come up out of the water. It was a pretty amazing scene.

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