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To be completely honest with you, it's difficult to create something new and fresh for every big holiday on our calendar. We struggle with simply adding to the noise of what other producers are beautifully creating in this space. Saying something new is really difficult.

Sometimes we win.

Sometimes we don't.

And both are okay, because in both cases, we've pursued our creative calling.

So when it came to Mother's Day this year (2015), we scratched our heads a bit. Dave and I (Gary) were having a late afternoon chat in April, and we decided to pursue an idea that we hadn't seen expressed yet. It was also one that kept repeating itself deep inside of my heart. The idea was this:

Moms display the glory of God by simply doing what comes naturally to them. 

Here's what I mean...

Moms are protectors, right?. Why? As an end in itself? We don't think so. We think they're protectors because God has hard-wired them to be that way. And when they protect, they display a God who protects us. And that display is to a watching world.

Moms are comforters. Again, not as an end in itself, but as a display of our God who comforts people at their deepest soul experience. And the world watches, and Christ becomes a light the nations.

And these aren't just random roles moms play. They're actually characteristics of God, highlighted in Scripture, using the metaphor of a mother. It's beautiful that way. 

I will protect them like a bear robbed of her cubs - Hosea 13:8

 Jerusalem, Jerusalem… how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings - Luke 13:34

 As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you - Isaiah 66:13

It's amazing that, in that second verse (Luke 13:34), Jesus expresses himself using soft language (he's crying when he says this), using the metaphor of a mother hen. He isn't embarrassed or worried that people will get the wrong perception of God.

Instead, He seems to embrace it.

So is God a woman? No.

But is God a man? Absolutely not.

God is an entirely Other being who perfectly embodies both masculine and femine characteristics.

And one sliver of God's image can be discovered when we look at mothers. 

And if moms really believed that, I bet their days would be full of more joy and less guilt! 

So we thought it would be fun to set up a shoot with a really amazing local photographer (Steve Skibbie) and take some pictures of a diverse group of moms. We also thought it would add beauty to rent an iconic ballroom in our hometown. 

Moms - displaying their uniqueness, their beauty, and their smiles. To the glory of God.

We hope you enjoy this video. But more importantly, we hope this short post spurs your church to hear this message on Mother's Day. 

We think it'll change people forever.

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