10/15/14 12:21 PM

As I envision my leadership role, my public talks, and the videos I create... I automatically think about pouring the best areas of my life into these areas. Where have I been successful? What am I great at? I should lead with my successes.

Nothing wrong with that.

But I must force myself to pour my failures and my personal brokenness into these areas too. This, as you know, does not happen by accident. Not even close.

In my sermons and talks and art, am I allowing these things to be a part?

* My failures in loving those closest to me.

* My resentment toward that authority figure who isn’t wired like me.

* My desire for you to admire me.

* My hope that my accomplishments get me onto some unknown list of amazing people.

* My lust for anything other than Jesus.

I wholeheartedly believe that the world needs your leadership. But it doesn’t need your one-sided public persona that dupes people into thinking only the best about you. It’s needs a whole and complete leader. And the very best thing we can offer people happens when we pour ALL of ourselves into all of our lives. Success and brokenness – both with absolute excellence and authenticity.

God doesn’t want your external shiny best. He wants the inner spaces where light is overcoming darkness.

And it’s from those admitted spaces that we create the best stuff of our lives. So go create. But this day, pour all of yourself into that creation. The world is too thirsty for anything less.


For a thoughtful and deeper reflection on this concept, my business partner - Dave Wilkins - recently wrote about this topic on his personal blog. It's an amazing piece. Check it out here.


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